Payment / Tuition Policy

The fees are spread out over the course of the Dance School year (August – May) and are calculated according to the weeks in the school year, not per month, so you always are offered the amount of classes you pay for. The Just Dance Inc. school year is approximately 35 weeks.

A non-refundable Registration Fee is due when enrolling for classes or can be paid online at Jackrabbit – $50 per student or $60 per family. The monthly fee is due the same day each month (15th), if paying automatic debit/credit/online. If paying by check the monthly payment is due the first class of each month at the front desk of the studio. If a monthly payment is 30 days past due the dancer will not be able to take part in the class until that past month and the following month are paid in full. The student (or person acting for the student) shall be held liable for any collection charges or legal fees assessed as a result of delinquent accounts.

The calendar in each month will vary depending upon which day you have your class. Some months you may have 2 or 3 classes, others 4 or 5. Everyone will have had 35 classes over the ten months. If for any reason you decide to discontinue your classes you will be charged immediately for the remainder of the recital fee (recital fee is non-refundable). You are not obligated to pay for the balance of the school year (future classes) but do need to inform Just Dance Inc. in writing thirty days prior to stop the payment charge. Please see dance calendar and cancellation form.